Center Faculty

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Sylvie Naar

Sylvie Naar, Ph.D

CTBScience Founder & Director, Distinguished Endowed Professor, Adolescent and Emerging Adult Health Equity Program Director

Tyra Dark, PhD

Tyra Dark, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, CHASE Program Director

Nicole Ennis

Nicole Ennis, Ph.D

Associate Professor, iRACE Program Director

Scott Pickett

Scott Pickett, Ph.D

Associate Professor, STEP Program Director


Julia Sheffler

Julia l. Sheffler, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, ISHA Program Director

Zhe He

Zhe He, Ph.D

Methods Core Lead, CTBScience

Mia Liza Lustria

Mia Liza A. Lustria, Ph.D

Tech Core Lead, CTBScience

Ivan Balan, PhD

Iván Balán Ph.D

Research Professor, CTBScience, College of Medicine

Seyram Butame

Seyram Butame, Ph.D

Research Faculty, CTBScience Methods Core Co-Lead

Daniel J. Dunleavy, PhD, MSW

Daniel J. Dunleavy, Ph.D, MSW

Postdoctoral Associate

Sara Green

Sara Green, MSW

Assistant in Research Faculty, Management Core Lead

Meardith Pooler Burgess

Meardith Pooler-Burgess, DrPH

Assistant in Research, Scale It Up Florida Co-Lead


Carolyn Blue

Carolyn Blue

K Scholar Program Coordinator, Assistant to the Director

Samantha Chahin

Samantha Chahin, MPH

Program Coordinator

Abbey Folsom

Abbey Folsom, MS, CNS, LDN

iRACE Research Assistant

Avery George

Avery George

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Celina Meyer

Celina Meyer

Research Assistant

Yuxia O hA Wang

Yuxia O hA Wang, MPH

Data Manager, CTBScience