The mission of the Center for Translational Behavioral Science at Florida State University is to promote public health and health equity using a sustainable team science approach for the development and wide spread implementation of behavioral and biobehavioral interventions across the translational spectrum. The Center will rely on a continuous cycle of interaction between basic behavioral and biomedical scientists, translational researchers, treatment providers, and communities to develop interventions reaching diverse and under-served populations in local communities and beyond.


What is Translational Behavioral Science?

The translation of behavioral science findings are meant to improve patient and population outcomes. See our programs for more details.

Psychology Today Blog

Dr. Sylvie Naar
Check out Dr. Naar's new Psychology Today blog! "Metamorphosis" is centered on challenges and opportunities of emerging adulthood. Articles will be posted regularly so stay tuned for new topics. Please follow the link below to read the current posts.  
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