Julia l. Sheffler, Ph.D

Julia Sheffler
Assistant Professor, ISHA Program Director
Research Faculty

Dr. Julia Sheffler is Research Faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine at the Florida State University College of Medicine and is the Director of the Integrative Science for Health Aging research program at the FSU Center for Translational Behavioral Sciences.  She is also the lead of the Center for Translational Behaivoral Sciences Management Core, overseeing Research Development as it relates to clinical trials and other regulatory functions. Dr. Sheffler's research focuses on improving scientific understanding of the risk and resiliency factors related to late-life health and cognitive functioning, with training geared toward understanding the complex biopsychosocial pathways through which neurocognitive disorders develop, which involves how adverse childhood experiences alter biological pathways and influences the onset of late-life disease. 

Dr. Sheffler received her Bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University, her Master's and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, and completed her clinical internship at the Denver VA Medical Center. 

Research Interests

aging, Alzheimer’s disease, diet, interventions, health, emotion-regulation, psychopathology, cognitive decline, adverse childhood experiences, lifespan