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Adolescent and Emerging Adult Health Equity Program

The Adolescent and Emerging Adult Health Equity Program, led by Dr. Sylvie Naar, focuses on developing and testing behavioral interventions to promote health equity among adolescents and emerging adults.

Intervention Research Advancing Care Equity (iRACE)

The goal of our intervention research is to improve patient care among medically underserved populations through evidence-based behavioral interventions in the context of learning healthcare systems.

STEP Program

The STEP (Sleep, Trauma, and Emotional Processes) program, led by Dr. Scott M. Pickett, examines the influence and interaction of vulnerabilities, such as maladaptive emotion regulation and sleep disruption, on negative mental and physical health outcomes.

CHASE Program

Dr. Tyra Dark created the Community Health and Social Epidemiology (CHASE) program, housed within the Center for Translational Behavioral Science, to investigate the impact of social conditions on community health.

Integrative Science for Healthy Aging

The Integrative Science for Healthy Aging Program, led by Dr. Julia Sheffler, broadly involves the development and assessment of interventions for mental-health problems and neurocognitive disorders in older adults