Research Development Core

Research Development Core

The CTBScience Research Development Core (RD Core) provides oversight, management, and coordination of all research and core-related activities. These activities include consultation, guidance, and support to CTBScience investigators and research programs in the areas of bioethics, regulatory aspects of human subjects research, contract and grant activities, proposal development, sponsor reporting, and overall programmatic development. The CTBScience RD Core personnel are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to assist investigators with a variety of research support and clinical trial management functions related to: 

  • Proposal Development 
  • Bioethics Consultation 
  • Regulatory Assistance  
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Clinical Trial Management 
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Contracts and Agreements

The RD Core is led by CTBScience Assistant in Research Faculty, Sara Green, MSW

RD Core Affiliated Active Projects

  1. SHARE Program: Innovations in Translational Behavioral Science to Improve Self-management of HIV and Alcohol Reaching Emerging Adults
    NIAAA, P01

    Principal Investigators: Sylvie Naar, PhD; Karen MacDonell, PhD
    Sara Green, MSW, as Co-Investigator and Co-Lead of the SHARE Community Engagement Core 
    2021 - 2026
  2. Scaling Up Implementation Strategies to Improve the DIAGNOSE and PREVENT Pillars for Young MSM in Florida
    NIMH, R01

    Principal Investigators: Sylvie Naar, PhD; Jose Bauermeister, PhD; Maria Isabel Fernandez, PhD
    Sara Green, MSW, as Co-Investigator 
    2022 - 2027 
  3. Transforming Health Equity Research in Integrated Primary Care: Antiracism as a Disruptive Innovation
    NIMHD, R01

    Principal Investigators: Sylvie Naar, PhD; Norman Anderson, PhD; Carrie Pettus, PhD 
    Sara Green as Regulatory Specialist 
    2021 - 2026
  4. Clinical Trial of the Fit Families Multicomponent Obesity Intervention for African American 
    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, R61 

    Principal Investigators: Phillippe Cunningham, PhD; Sylvie Naar, PhD (FSU Subaward PI) 
    Sara Green as Regulatory Specialist 
    2021 - 2026 

RD Core Key Presentations and Publications

  1. Synthesizing adaptive digital bioethics to guide the use of interactive communications technologies in adolescent behavioral medicine: A systematic configurative review. Authors: Simone J. Skeen, Sara K. Shaw Green, Amy Knopf; Pediatric Clinics of North Am. 2022 Aug;69(4):739-758. doi: 10.1016/j.pcl.2022.04.006. PMID: 35934497.
  2. Social, ethical, and behavioral factors that influence COVID-19 outcomes in medically underserved rural populations: Through the lens of narrative bioethics. Authors: Sara K. Shaw Green, Claudia R. Baquet; Journal of Medical Ethics - Blog; 
  3. Envisioning Youth-Led Action for Sexual Health Equity: Founding and Development of a Diverse Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Organization. Authors: A.C. Lim, J.J. Jackson, Sara K. Shaw Green, Simone J. Skeen; 2021 Florida HIV CPR Conference: Connecting Community, Providers, & Researchers (Virtual)

Research Development Core Resources and Referrals


Network for Clinical Research, Training, and Community Engagement

Supported in part by the UF-FSU Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), the NCRT-CE provides all levels of investigators with a range of services, resources, and guidance to assist with the design and implementation of clinical and health research protocols. The multidisciplinary backgrounds of the NCRT-CE team translate into diverse research expertise including public health, qualitative, clinical, and community-engaged research.

The NCRT-CE provides assistance to all College of Medicine (CoM) faculty, staff, and students as well as CTSA-supported project teams from other FSU colleges.

To request our assistance, please submit an NCRT-CE Support Request Form. A member of our team will contact you. General questions may be directed to

The Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA)

The Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA) provides guidance, tools, resources and facilitation to help faculty, staff and students successfully navigate clinical and human subjects research at FSU and with its community healthcare partners. Whether you are a basic scientist wanting to collaborate with a community clinician, a researcher seeking guidance on IRB submissions or statistical methods, or needing assistance on implementing a clinical trial, OCRA is here to help.


 As FSU’s institutional liaison for ResearchMatch, OCRA can assist with this online recruitment tool for study participants. Launched nationwide by Vanderbilt University, the ResearchMatch database contains tens of thousands of volunteers across the country who want to participate in health-related research. FSU researchers have two types of access to ResearchMatch: feasibility and recruitment. Feasibility access allows the researcher to view aggregate data of potential study volunteers in the database, which is helpful for cohort determination. Recruitment access allows researchers with IRB-approved protocols to search and contact study volunteers. The researcher uses the study criteria along with geographic, demographic, health condition and medication filters on ResearchMatch to generate a de-identified group of volunteers who “match” the study criteria.

For workflows specific to FSU please click here