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Naar, S., Parsons, J. T., & Stanton, B. F. (2019). Adolescent trials network for HIV-AIDS Scale It Up program: protocol for a rational and overview. JMIR Research Protocols8(2), e11204.

By Study


Carcone, A. I., Naar, S., Clark, J., MacDonell, K., & Zhang, L. (2020). Provider behaviors that predict motivational statements in adolescents and young adults with HIV: a study of clinical communication using the motivational interviewing framework. AIDS Care32(9), 1069-1077.

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Belzer, M. E., MacDonell, K. K., Ghosh, S., Naar, S., McAvoy-Banerjea, J., Gurung, S., ... & Parsons, J. T. (2018). Adaptive antiretroviral therapy adherence interventions for youth living with HIV through text message and cell phone support with and without incentives: protocol for a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART). JMIR Research Protocols7(12), e11183.

We Test

Starks, T. J., Dellucci, T. V., Lovejoy, T. I., Robles, G., Jimenez, R., Cain, D., ... & Ewing, S. W. F. (2021). Adolescent Sexual Minority Males, Relationship Functioning, and Condomless Sex. Journal of Adolescent Health68(2), 419-421.

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By Sub-Study


Butame, S. A., Idalski Carcone, A., Coyle, K., & Naar, S. (2021). Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices to Reduce Youth HIV Transmission and Improve Self-Management: A Survey of Key Stakeholder Perspectives. AIDS patient care and STDs35(10), 385-391.

Carcone, A. I., Coyle, K., Gurung, S., Cain, D., Dilones, R. E., Jadwin-Cakmak, L., ... & Naar, S. (2019). Implementation science research examining the integration of evidence-based practices into HIV prevention and clinical care: protocol for a mixed-methods study using the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, and Sustainment (EPIS) Model. JMIR Research Protocols8(5), e11202.

Cascade Monitoring

Dark, T., Simpson, K. N., Gurung, S., Pennar, A. L., Chew, M., & Naar, S. (2022). Feasibility of Using Electronic Health Records for Cascade Monitoring and Cost Estimates in Implementation Science Studies in the Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions. JMIR formative research6(4), e25483.

Pennar, A. L., Dark, T., Simpson, K. N., Gurung, S., Cain, D., Fan, C., ... & Naar, S. (2019). Cascade monitoring in multidisciplinary adolescent HIV care settings: protocol for utilizing electronic health records. JMIR Research Protocols8(5), e11185.