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Our engaging research mission is to promote health equity among underserved youth populations such as ethnic minority and sexual gender minority youth.

Advancements in research and health care for adolescents and young adults are the result of youth-focused research initiatives. Scale It Up – Florida (SIU-FL) is a youth-focused, community-based research network consortium focused on HIV and other sexual health issues in adolescents and emerging adults (age 13-29) in Florida. SIU-FL aims to address the translation of behavioral interventions for the prevention and treatment of HIV in adolescents and emerging adults.

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SIU-FL aims to promote well-being and sexual health among young people ages 13-29 living in Florida by providing resources, community, and involvement in research activities. If you are an adolescent or young adult living in Florida and are interested in receiving more information about the SIU-FL program, you can signup and register with SIU-Connect by clicking here

You can LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM MEMBERS and other initiatives on our website.