CTBScience Request Form

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CTBScience Request Form

Please use this form to request information and assistance related to CTBScience Core activities. 


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Clinical Trials Support
Data Use Agreements
Protocol Development
Recruitment Resources
Data Management
Data Analysis
If you are wanting to submit a website and/or social media request, you are invited to use the detailed request form (link below) as the form captures all of the required information for web and social media publications:
*You do NOT need to complete the CTBScience Request Form if you complete the form linked above
Tech Core Requests
Website and Social Media Content
eHealth Intervention Development
Please keep in mind: *All requests must comply with Florida State University College of Medicine and University policies.
Operations Requests
Purchasing: please include the vendor, estimated amount, item(s), funding source, and other pertinent information in the description box below
Travel: please include date(s) of travel, location, purpose, funding source, and other relevant information in the description below
Human Resources: please select for assistance with re-appointments, new hires, time reporting, etc.
Proposal Development: please include details related to the FOA or task type (e.g. sub award, RPPR, etc.)
Community Engagement & Outreach: please include information related to marketing materials, community agencies, etc.
Facilities & Room Reservations: please include the requested room number(s), date(s), purpose, and whether conference or other equipment is needed
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