Farewell to Samantha Nagy

July 24, 2020
Samantha Nagy, M. S.

The end of another work week is here and this one comes with some sadness as we say goodbye to one of our own CTBS family, Samantha Nagy. Samantha has been a vital member of CTBS as a project coordinator and data analyst and has always gone above and beyond her role to fulfil the mission of CTBScience. During her time at the center, she has contributed to projects aimed at examining healthcare workers’ trauma exposure and sleep disturbance, managing Dr. Scott Pickett’s STEP Lab, presented at the international Emotions symposium in Tilburg, Netherlands and other national conferences, and contributed authorship to a variety of manuscripts and publications for Dr. Pickett and Dr. Sylvie Naar’s research.

While we will greatly miss her, we share joy and pride in watching her step into new endeavors as she pursues her Ph.D. at the University of Arizona’s Clinical Psychology program with a focus on Health Psychology. She will be working with her mentor, Dr. Daniel Taylor, and will focus her research on sleep interventions, insomnia, PTSD/trauma, and other health correlates. Please join our team in wishing Samantha continued success as she embarks on her new journey and we will look forward to seeing the great things she will do in the world of research!