Dr. Julia Sheffler and Celina Meyers FSU Honors Program

July 13, 2020
Celina Meyer

Dr. Julia Sheffler and Celina Meyers were featured on the FSU Honors Program Page to highlight the collaboration that takes place here at CTBS as part of Celina’s matriculation as a Psychology major here at FSU! Dr. Sheffler is serving as a mentor to Celina as she completes her thesis on “Buffering the Effects of Early Adverse Experiences on Executive Function.” Celina and Dr. Sheffler both share a passion for childhood adversity and the lasting impacts it has and it is the foundation of their academic relationship. Celina Meyers also serves as an RA for Dr. Sheffler’s program Integrative Science for Healthy Aging housed here at CTBS. Learn more about Dr. Sheffler’s program and the center.