Scale It Up - Management Core

Description & Purpose

The Management Core (MC) provides oversight, management, and coordination of all research and core-related activities. Specifically, the MC is responsible for site monitoring, fiscal management, institutional review processes, data safety monitoring, and community involvement, as well as for recruitment, enrollment, retention, and data management.


  1. Establish, communicate, maintain, review, and change, as needed, the scientific priorities of Scale It Up in collaboration with other members of our U19, community involvement (Youth Community Advisory Board, YCAB), members of other funded ATN U19s, and NICHD and other NIH program officers.
  2. Establish and implement a continuous assessment and feedback loop between the Research Projects, the Cores, the YCAB, as well as the other funded U19s, designed to establish and sustain a strong collaborative environment.
  3. Provide effective and timely financial management, fiscal accountability, and administrative support for Scale It Up, including Research Projects, clinical sites, and Cores, and take responsibility for resource management and adjustment of resource allocations.
  4. Provide scientific and oversight support for the Analytic Core (AC) and the Implementation Science Core (ISC).
  5. Establish and manage a Clinical Site Management Center (CMSC) which will be responsible for site performance monitoring, community involvement (including the establishment and support of a national YCAB), institutional review process/regulatory affairs, and data safety monitoring.
  6. Establish and manage a Recruitment and Enrollment Center (REC) which will be responsible for project management, data management, and recruitment and retention support.


Sylvie Naar (Lead)
Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine at
Florida State University

Demetria Cain (Co-Lead)
Research Assistant Professor at