Scale It Up - Implementation Science Core

Description & Purpose

The Implementation Science Core (ISC) maximizes efficiencies across projects and has adopted an implementation conceptual model, Exploration-Preparation-Implementation-Sustainment (EPIS), to ground implementation planning, research, and measurement across the studies. The goals of the ISC parallel those in the Analytic Core (AC) to support the accomplishment of the overall Scale It Up objectives by (1) increasing the efficiency in using currently available and new IS knowledge, measurement tools, and other core resources; (2) enhancing the synergy of Scale It Up; and (3) enabling the research project teams to make advances in IS research related to youth HIV self-management interventions that would not be possible through individual projects.


  1. Facilitate and support a unified approach to IS research, particularly as it applies to self-management by HIV+ or at risk youth by:
    1. Providing consultation and technical support for utilizing the EPIS model, measures of cost effectiveness, and designing and implementing IS sub-studies.
    2. Providing core measures for common inner and outer context factors to facilitate cross-project research and contribute to the IS literature.
    3. Providing core measures to assess fidelity, intervention fit, and adaptations during implementation.
    4. Developing facilitator training and support resources and tools for use by research project leads, an important inner context factor affecting implementation.
  2. Provide resources (e.g., project website, library of resource articles, web-based implementation tracking system) to support investigators with IS issues related to their studies.
  3. To increase dissemination by researching strategies and models for publishing intervention products or preparing for next steps, creating resources for intervention replication, and supporting development of a series of Scale it Up implementation related articles.


Sylvie Naar (Lead)
Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, Florida State University

Karin Coyle (Co-Lead)
Senior Research Scientist at ETR

Regina Firpo-Triplett (Co-Lead)
CEO at dfusion



Gregory Aarons
Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego

Ralph DiClimente
Professor of Public Health at the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University