Scale It Up - Analytic Core

Description & Purpose

The Analytic Core (AC) provides the tools and expertise to accomplish the overall Scale It Up objectives by capitalizing on the program’s synergy through innovative research designs and analytic strategies that enables the research team to make advances in adolescent HIV medicine research that would not be possible through individual projects. The AC increases the efficiency of Scale It Up analytic resources by centralizing currently available as well as emerging knowledge, analytic tools, or other core resources. The AC also facilitates data harmonization from multiple research projects to answer key program questions about self-management and implementation as well as facilitates the development of new research protocols and new analytic methods.


  1. Provide optimal analytic support to the three Research Projects including, protocol development, statistical analysis plans, and develop new methodologies and analytic strategies to accelerate the time from idea generation to program delivery.
  2. Facilitate the integration of scientific efforts and resources across the research projects within Scale It Up and potentially across other U19s in the network in a cost-effective way by providing a virtual platform for resource coordination and sharing and provide analytic support for planned cross-project initiatives.
  3. Enhance the research capacity of the Scale It Up Team in areas of adolescent HIV self-management and implementation science through training and mentoring in advanced and innovative research methodologies, fostering high quality research, data sharing, and improving scholarly productivity of the network investigators, especially early career investigators.


Sylvie Naar (Lead)
Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, Florida State University


Xiaoming Li (Co-Lead)
Professor at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health